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Freelance Blues

It’s Friday and I am having a horrible time concentrating. The weather is beautiful and I am stuck inside in front on my computer. Poor me. Anyway, today’s post is about the never ending question, “How much should my hourly rate be?”. . . . . a question that I have not found an answer to yet. I had a conversation with a fellow designer friend this morning about this exact problem. She had a new client propose to her the idea of doing freelance design for $17 an hour! (Doesn’t that seem like pennies?) I almost broke out the tissues and started crying. I proceeded to talk my friend out of this situation. This might have been a bad idea, but I feel it is lessening the value of her work. After we got off the phone, I searched online for some help with this situation. Freelance Switch had an online calculator to help suggest a rate. Design Talk Board had some helpful info as well. They cannot make the decision for you, but maybe they will lead you in the right direction!

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Spray Blog

I was just browsing online today and came across Spray Blog! The community section seems to be the artist’s equivalent of the popular Facebook for college students. You can post your work, add “friends”, read the blog, buy merchandise, browse through portfolios and much more! They also design and market their own clothing and accessory line. Pretty cool site to check out!

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Angela Adams

Last year I received a notcard/notebook set from a fellow designer for a Christmas gift. The unique cards were designed by Angela Adams and I have been in love ever since! Everything from Angela Adams, from her notecards to her bedding collection, is simply amazing. Rugs, furniture, paper goods, handbags and so much more is availabe on her website for purchase. Check out her lovely designs!

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Get Inspired!

Being creative is the most important part of being a designer. Where do you look for inspiration? I find myself flipping through magazines, making notes for ideas (and by “notes” I mean a million post-its). Sometimes just taking a stroll through Anthropologie triggers the creative process. Lately though, I have found some wonderful inspiration in blogs. Here are a few great ones!

Colour Lovers

Design Shack

CSS Blogger

Smashing Magazine


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Still Frustrated.

Once again, the greeting card frustration happens. It just so happens that today is my anniversary. I went shopping the other day to pick out a card. There on the stand was the perfect anniversary card ever for Bob and I. However, I opened it up and what did it say inside? “Happy Anniversary to my Husband”! Damn. What do you think I did? I purchased it anyway. Oh well. It still fits (minus the husband thing). Anyway, after doing some research online I found another cool company for cards, Hello! Lucky.  They also have cool wrapping paper also.

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Greeting Cards . . . ugh.

I came to the realization today that it’s just a disaster for me to go shopping for greeting cards. Being a designer, 99.9% of the time, I do not even read what the card says before I skip over to the next one. If the front is ugly, I don’t even open the card at all. I always judge the design by the cover, sad but true.

I was in a local greeting card shop the other day, and left the store empty handed. All the designs were cheesy, along with sappy rhymes. Yuck. Is it too much for clean, simple design? Not with a million hearts on the cover either. I hate hearts . . .  well, most of the time.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite greeting card resources. Obviously if you wait until the last minute, these might be tough to fine locally, but buy now and give later! (Some advice I should use myself, right?)

The Paper Source has extraordinary greeting cards for all occasions. Very unique, some are handmade, but all are totally awesome. Smudge Ink has pretty snazzy designs as well which can be purchased online. Specialty Cards 4 U makes these adorable paper dress cards! Three Potato Four, another wonderful site, has great paper goods. Not only great greeting cards, but unique housewares, prints and much more!

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Hello world!

I have to say, I’m pretty excited about this. I’ve wanted to do a blog for a long time now. Hours of my free time is spent reading and searching through different blogs and websites for design inspiration. I have quite a collection of goodies I’d love to share. Enjoy!

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