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I have returned.

I’m finally back and settled from Charleston. It’s a miracle I even came home! Last night I had some time to add a few cards to my Etsy shop. Here’s a little peak.



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Charleston Bound

For the next few days I will be away from my computer . . . the long awaited trip to Charleston, SC has finally arrived! I have wanted to visit this town for so long – I can’t wait!


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Catching up . . .

I have been such a bad blogger lately, I really need to step it up. Between work, freelance jobs, launching my Etsy shop and still trying to keep my sanity – the past few weeks have been nuts! Not to mention the next weekends will be spend traveling for weddings and other fun things. I guess busy isn’t a bad thing right? I made a promise to myself that I would try to still take “me time” and tear myself away from the computer. Last weekend my boyfriend Bob and I took advantage of the beautiful weekend and took a hike. dsc_0119



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Great Find: Fresh365

This morning while I was simultaneously working and visiting my daily blogs, I came across this amazing food blog, fresh365, on Lovely Morning. How amazing does all this food look? I’m scratching dinner plans tonight and making the angel hair with asparagus and sun dried tomatoes. Yum!




photos via fresh 365

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