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Photography Week: Pinkletoes Photography

Hi everyone! I hope you’re enjoying your Friday! I had some unexpected travels this week, so I apologize for the blog delay. Don’t worry though, photography week will spill over to next week as well. I have so much more fun stuff to share!

Here in another of my all time favorite photographers, Michelle Anderson of Pinkletoes. You will see from her images that she is so beyond talented, it’s not even funny. Her images capture so much emotion and love from the families and couples she photographs. I can’t begin to explain what a inspiration she is to me.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

{images via pinkletoes photography)

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Photography Week: Fresh 365

You guys know I love food and photography, so this next artist is such a wonderful mix of both. Erin of fresh365, a website I visit daily, not only has wonderful recipes, but also gorgeous photography to go along with it. Feast your eyes on these beautiful images:

{images via fresh 365)

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Photography Week: Erin Hearts Court

Today I’m going to share the first of several photographer’s that I look to for inspiration. Photography has always inspired me. When I was younger, I carried a disposable camera (ha, remember those?!) on me at all times. In junior high I upgraded to a vcr sized digital camera (seriously, I still have it. I think it weights 12 pounds) and since then I’ve gone through numerous point and shoots and a few years ago, feel in love with the NikonD90 SLR camera. Today, thanks to a special someone I have my very own Canon Rebel XSI. Oh, I also forgot those 2 years of black and white photography when I was in college. Honestly, I wish I would have pursued photography a  little more, but graphic design stole my heart. Anyway, today I’m highlighting Erin Hearts Court, a creative husband and wife duo. Together they have their own wedding photography business, but Courtney also designs beautiful stationery and Erin does commercial photography as well. What a talented pair. Don’t forget to visit their blog too!

{images via erin hearts court}

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Photography Week!

Good Morning!! So, because I’m so in love with my new SLR camera, I can’t stop reading photography blogs for inspiration and tips to take better images. Starting Monday will begin my “photographers” week. Check back everyday for a new inspiring artist. Do you have a favorite photographer or photography resource? If so – please share! 🙂

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This week flew by, didn’t it? I can’t believe it’s already Friday! Lots of fun stuff planned this weekend; hot yoga tonight followed by sushi with friends, another birthday dinner and relaxing catching up on some freelance Sunday! So, while you’re sipping some coffee tomorrow, check out this awesome online shop I found: Sprout Home. They carry KOBO candles (which are my favorite), Pantone Mugs, awesome pottery and tons of other home goodies. There are two locations, Chicago and Brooklyn, so if you’re close – check it out.

Have a great weekend!

{images via sprout home}

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Birthday Recap

Hi guys – hope you are having a great week! Sorry for being MIA yesterday, I’ve been swamped trying to catch up from taking this past weekend off. Anywayyy, so onto the birthday. First, my darling boyfriend organized a surprise dinner with all of my friends Saturday night which was so sweet. The previous evening he took me to dinner and surprised me with this:

Yayyy!! I am super excited about my new digital SLR. I can’t wait to take a zillion photos. 🙂

B also had two of our good friends from Philly surprise me for dinner…..along with  Mandy and her boyfriend Chance, who made the trip up from Harrisonburg. (Mandy owns The Yellow Button, a amazing clothing boutique which I do the graphic design for.) Being the fashionista she is, Mandy surprised me with this beautiful Free People sweater:

My parents gave me a new pair of cozy Ugg boots and together with my brother made me an amazing dinner.

My bro, who is quite an extraordinary cook, gave me this:

Hmmmm lots of yummy food and beautiful photography.

So besides the good company, great food and thoughtful gifts from my friends and family – I had an amazing birthday. 🙂

Have a great day!

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Man, what a wonderful weekend. So much good food, great times with friends and so many thoughtful gifts. I will do a full recap on the birthday tomorrow, but I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who sent me emails and left posts wishing me a happy birthday – it truly meant so much.

On another note, the website I’ve been working on for the event planning and design boutique, All Buttoned-Up, finally went LIVE today!!! Yayyy!! Congrats to Natalie, may you start making your millions. xo.

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Happy Birthday to me!

Hi guys! Just wanted you to know I will be taking a break from blogging until Tuesday. Why? Because it’s my birthday weekend! (Well, it’s actually today, but still) Have a great weekend everyone.


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Type Love

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I’ve been crazy busy desperately trying to organize after the move.

Anyway, as you all know I’m quite the lover of type – and anything type related, so I wanted to share a few of my favorite finds lately.

Ampersand Cutting Board and  Slab Tote from House Industries

Word T, CMYK hoodie, Coffee Mug and Pillow from Veer

Wood Type from UPPERCASE

Alphabet wall hanging from bookhou

Letter Coasters and placemats from Little Factory

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Oh, Baby!

I know I posted a sneak peak of these birth announcements a few weeks ago, but I finally got around to photographing the hard copies to share with all of you. Enjoy!

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