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Etsy Love

Over the past several months, I have become more and more obsessed with Etsy, a website which focuses primarily on buying and selling handmade items. Sellers have “stores” similar to ebay, where they can list their items for sale. This site is just flat out awesome. I find myself looking for hours at the funky paintings, handmade jewelry, vintage clothes, unique cards and much more. My coworker purchased 8 small, “etsy” paintings for me as a birthday gift and since then I just can’t get enough. I shared the site with my roomie Meg and she immediately bought a painting for her bedroom. She loved the work so much, Meg personally contacted the artist to make 2 more to match! Here are just a few cool things I found today I liked. Enjoy!

August 19, 2008 at 7:48 pm 2 comments

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